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Forgotten 20th Century Shero

Featuring: Didi Hoffman

In this podcast, we feature author Didi Arbib Hoffman, who spent five years researching the true story of her husband’s great aunt, the 20th century sculptor first-rank, humanitarian, world explorer and best-selling author, Malvina Hoffman. Who you might say?

Well, it only took sixty years for this world famous, heroic woman to be erased from history. Didi shares how a Victorian- era born girl grew up to smash every glass ceiling she encountered despite suffering leg-shaking fear and long bouts of depression. Didi’s book Beautiful Bodies -The Adventures of Malvina Hoffman, was awarded the 2018 Nautilus Book Awards, Silver Medal (Heroic Journeys).

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    Forgotten 20th Century Shero
    Didi Hoffman

Forgotten 20th Century Shero

  • Didi, what made you want to tell this story?
  • Why is Malvina Hoffman important in history?
  • How did Malvina overcome her fears – why was she able to achieve the success she did as woman when women couldn’t even vote?
  • How did Malvina’s life help you and inspire you?
  • Tell us about the  new book you’re working on which tells the story of ballerina Anna Pavlova and Malvina Hoffman

Malvina Hoffman is yet another incredible woman in history who has been forgotten, in fact she was so famous she earned a front page NY Times obituary in 1966. Visit Didi’s website at for more information, and her book, Beautiful Bodies – The Adventures of Malvina Hoffman can be ordered at your favorite bookstore or online, wherever books are sold.

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Didi Hoffman

Didi Arbib Hoffman spent five years researching the epic life of Malvina Hoffman. This riveting story also revealed the untold, inspiring relationship between ballerina Anna Pavlova and Hoffman. They were close friends who collaborated until Pavlova's death and together they broke the glass ceilings of the global art and dance patriarchy to reach international success. Didi's first book, Beautiful Bodies -The Adventures of Malvina Hoffman, was awarded the 2018 Nautilus Book Awards, Silver Medal (Heroic Journeys). Didi has been published in many regional magazines and was a copywriter for several national companies. She earned her B.A. in English and holds a Masters in Business Administration. Didi travels around the country as a speaker to share Malvina Hoffman's story and is presently the General Manager of the News Service of Florida.

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