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Want to be a select media expert?

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YES! If you answered yes to any of the above, it's time for you to become an Annie Jennings PR expert and develop and online internet personality and presence. First step, create your media website. Annie Jennings PR is the creator of the media website and is honored to share the publicity and development strategy with you so you can compete with others in your area of expertise when it comes to getting booked on the shows of your dreams and promoting your book and expert status.


What Should Be On Your Media Website?


What Does The Media Need To Say YES! To Booking You?
How Do You Promote Your Book On Your Media Site . . . Or Do You?

Annie Jennings PR is a major provider of experts to the media and the creator of the concept that has swept the industry and is now an essential component of any PR, marketing and publicity strategy called the concept of the "Media Website".

A "Media Website" is a site created to showcase your expertise and talent to the media. It should be packed with the information the media would like to see that makes it easier for them to say YES to you!


Does Annie Recommend That All Authors & Experts Have A Media Site?

"Absolutely, I recommend that you create a site that showcases your platform to the media. When the media visits your site they will be looking for reasons to get you booked on the show. If you provide them with the info they need to say YES to you, you increase your chances of getting booked. However, if the media is met by roadblocks such as a poorly written bio, no platform, no audio, no video and no contact info they have no choice but to move on."


CREATE YOUR OWN MEDIA SITE: If you are a book author, expert or wish to brand yourself to the media and are in pursuit of media placements Annie Jennings PR recommends you develop a media site, or author/expert showcase site developed especially for the media.


Book Author Expert Media Site


Choose a name that is easy to type and does not have any unusual spelling in it.  You want to keep the site simple and easy to use plus limit or eliminate any challenges the media might have so the first step is the name the site in a way that makes it easy and obvious.


A great example of the name of your media site is or  (

Or if is not available buy the .TV extension meaning you would buy the


By naming your media website after yourself the media assumes they are going to the site to find out about you, the expert or book author, and of course, they are right. Your media site will include your platform, bio, credentials, academic achievements, demos and lots more!




Yes, it is certainly OK to have more than one website in fact, I recommend it. Each one of your websites should be built around specific conversion strategy or action strategy, that is, what do you want the visitor to do? A great site has a conversion strategy or action strategy for everyone who visits your site from someone just looking for support resources to someone wishing to join your community to someone who just MUST HAVE your products or services.


MEDIA WEBSITE: In your book author or expert media website, you want the media to be able to get all the info they need to book you for the media opportunity.


BUSINESS WEBSITE: In your business site, you would like to visitor to be able to find out about your services, the benefits and deliverables of your services and be invited to join your community via sign up for a tip series or email newsletter.


E-COMMERCE WEBSITE: In your e-commerce website you want the visitor to find out all about your products or services and buy them. This is the type of website that can handle a heavy sales promotion strategy because the reason your visitors are on your site is because they want to buy your product. Just one thing though, make it easy for them to buy - include lots of product info, service deliverables and guarantees to make it easy for your customer, your visitor to buy your books, products or services.


UNIQUE STRATEGY ON YOUR WEBSITES: Notice that the types of sites outlined above all have a unique strategy? Does the media want to buy your product? NO! Does the media want to hire you? NO! Does the media want to book you as a guest on their show or for their article? YES.


Annie Jennings PR advises that your media website should stand alone and not be combined with any other type of strategy website, although there is on exception. Sometimes you can imbed a media kit which can act like a media site within your business site which is OK. However, be warned not to combine a media site with an e-commerce or sales site as the media might deem YOU too promotional and too risky to be chosen for the media opportunity (because you might over-promote during your media spot turning the media opportunity into an infomercial). So they might just move on to the next book author or expert to find someone they feel is perfect for the media opportunity.




Each page should have a header area containing the essential info about you.  This should include a short list of topics or a broad category name such as "Relationships" and your contact info.


I advise against using email as the only way to get in touch with you.  Why?  It is not instant and does not leave the media with certainty that you will respond.  How do they know you will even get the email?


So they must continue their search for the perfect expert and you will most likely lose the media placement.


Certainly, never use info@ as that seems like it goes to an unmanned inbox but you can use your real email address as that might sound a little more convincing and be sure the email goes directly to your blackberry.  You can even let the media know that the email goes directly to your blackberry and you will respond shortly.


But ALWAYS give out a telephone number if you want media placements.  You can use a cell phone or even an answering service that contacts you the second the media calls them.  The best choice is the most direct route to you!




If you have credentials let the media know right away.  The more credentials and accomplishments you have in your area of expertise the better your chances are of being chosen by the media for the placement.


Also include all of the topics you can discuss as well.


Be sure to lead with a great color picture of you – one that is engaging, well-groomed and offers the viewers a glimpse of your personality.


Do not use your driver's license picture!


Your bio page should be conversational in nature and not a copy and paste of your C.V. or resume.  The idea is that you want you bio to tell a story about you, your expertise, who you are and in the end, answer the one question the media has,which is, are you the perfect expert for them?




A Demo:  Short video of previous author or expert media appearances.  Sending your demo DVD overnight just takes too long!  No kidding.   Create a short DVD as a starter demo with clips of your BEST MOMENTS.  Don't have the long version of each segment as the first demo the media sees.  They can always look at the rest if they like the first starter demo enough to want to know more about you.

An Audio Clip:  Let the media hear you in action but first be sure to map out what they are going to hear.  Start fast, engage fast and deliver some awesome talking points.


 I highly recommend hiring a pro to help you develop and record a high-powered, blockbuster short audio especially for the media packed with what they need to hear to choose you from a great engaging personality to an action-packed pace to lots of great information.


Your Print And Online Placements:  Include a list of your most prestigious placements including the month and issue date of the article.  If the original article is online then by all means link to the article.


Your Topics & Areas Of Expertise Page


Your topic page should include a list of the topics you can discuss along with titles of tips sheets or links to tips sheets or articles you have written.


The reason why you want to actually link to tips sheets and articles (such as Ten Smart Career Moves or Why You Should Never Ask Your Boss For A Raise On A Business Trip) is because this gives you the chance to showcase your knowledge in a variety of areas.


The idea is to present yourself and your experience in the most powerful way possible creating certainty for the media that they are making an excellent choice in choosing you!

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Harvard Club of Boston
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